You've seen those late night television evangelists bilking their viewing audience for sacrificial offerings in exchange for miracle handkerchiefs. This blog talks about some of the things that they would rather you don't see...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

TV Evangelist Robert Tilton's SECRET IDENTITY revealed!

"Oh shala ma domba..."

Black Entertainment Television network has put one of my favourites, Robert Tilton back on the air!

Back in the 90's Primetime caught him emptying all the prayer requests of the faithful into the garbage bins (minus the 'seed of faith' gifts, of course).

Confronted with the large expenses for his hair weaves and enough plastic surgery to make it look like he's permanently staring into a hurricane, he disappeared for awhile.

Of course, I love ol' Pastor Bob best as the farting preacher...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Benny Hinn Exposed

$10,000 a night hotel rooms, long 'layovers' to Italy (despite traveling in a private luxury jet) and $3,000 tips are all part of the 'Calling' for Brother Benny as seen on CBC's 5th Estate.

Yay! Be Healed!

They have posted the episode on their website at:

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Top 5 Televangelist Toupees

Here they are, the Top 5 Televangelist Toupees:

#5. Jim Bakker

Air conditioned dog houses and expensive toupees were the hallmark of this TV evangelist/host of the PTL club, which ended in the 80s after a sex scandal with Jessica Hahn.

Convicted of 24 counts of fraud and conspiracy, October, 1989, and sentenced to 45 years in prison (reduced to 18 years, 1991), he was forced to fore go the hairpiece in federal prison.

#4. Jake Hess of the Bill Gaither Singers
This set of locks always brought a chuckle, as I wondered if it would part from his head during some of the more lively selections.

#3. Morris Cerullo

While not a toupee, this comeover evangelist still ranks a place on the list.

#2. Ron Hembree

This TV evangelist hosts his coiffed poodle on QuickStudy in the mornings.

#1. And, the number 1 televangelist toupee: Ernest Angley

I remember this TV evangelist offering locks of his dead wife's hair (for a contribution of course) in the early 80's.

He's still going strong: The Devil In Pastor's Clothing.

Here's a link to a video from the 80's (yes, it's for real) in which I think he wearing the same toupee as today!

More Shenanigans...

Even though this next TV evangelist does not qualify for the above list, he still ranks as one of my favorites.
Peter Popoff was caught red handed in the early 90s with a receiver in his ear, and no, it wasn't the voice of God, it was his wife proclaiming 'wisdom information' from the flock.

Peter Popoff exposed by James Randi

It doesn't seem to have hurt him, though. He's still on late night TV several times a day

Here's a link to one of his fund raising letters:

Peter Popoff Letter